The Top 5 Kart Racing Venues

There are a lot of great Go Kart racing venues to choose from in Florida, many of which are in a close proximity.

The Fun Spot

This theme park is not solely for Go karts, however they do have some of the best go kart tracks in the whole world. Other rides at The Fun Spot include bumper boats and a sky coaster. Whats great about this track is that you can pay by the race, or get a wrist band for unlimited rides throughout the day.

Xtreme Indoor Karting

This is an indoor venue, great for days with bad weather. This place has the fastest indoor go karts in Florida.

Tampa Bay Grand Prix

The Tampa Bay Grand Prix is an outdoor venue with European style go karts.

Speed Park Motor Sports

Three awesome go kart tracks are not the only attraction to this venue. They also have a dragster track that the untrained public can have a blast with.

The Track Family Recreation Center

This is one of the smaller go kart facilities. It makes the top five for the great family atmosphere.

All of these go kart facilities have their own perks. It is a lot of fun to try them all out and choose for yourself which one is the best.

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